The only way I let other artists tattoo my designs is if you purchase a tattoo ticket off me and show proof to the artist. 

Unfortunately I don’t. I hope some day in the future when I have more time I can collaborate with people and help create their vision. 

You can purchase a design via my website. Once a design is sold out it won’t be sold again. I like to create limited amounts for each design so they are still special for the wearer. 

If you have purchased a design you can most definitely alter it to make it more unique for yourself!

You can take inspiration from my work, but do not copy. Change it enough so it doesn’t look like my designs. I’ve had a few people use my work, and change a flower, which to me isn’t enough. If that is the case, please purchase, respect and support my art.

No. The tattoo tickets are used purely for tattoos. The person purchasing can use it for non profitable use, such as a print they can hang in their house or a page to colour in. This cannot be used as a business logo or on products for your business.

They are closed at the moment, but please follow my instagram for updates! 

This is something that I most definitely feel called to do. Once I open up my own private space I will consider it when the time feels right.  

No. The only time I will tattoo the same design is if it is a flash day and I ask the wearer if it is okay. 

Please follow the booking prompts via my website.